Variation: Mjertojec, OPER, Opyr, Upar, Vupar
In Belarus when a traitor, werewolf, or witch dies, it will rise from its grave as a type of vampiric REVENANT known as a mjertovjec. Only active between midnight and sunrise, this purple-faced vampire is a blood-drinker and does not specialize in any particular sort of prey. To destroy this vampire, one must make a trail of poppy seeds that leads back to its grave, as it will be compelled to follow them. Once it is in its grave, it must be nailed through the chest so that it is forever pinned to the ground, or be burned to ash.
Source: Haining, Dictionary of Vampires, 176; Hertz, Der Werwolf, 124; Volta, The Vampire, 143

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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